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- ZBNF parser

- JZtxtcmd generator

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embedded multiplatform C



- -Dependencies

- -QuellcodeGenerierung

Inspector & Reflection

- Test on Runtime

- The inspector tool

- Reflection in C

- Inspector Communication

Graphical Programming

Model based - Simulink

- Simulink und C - objektorientiert


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last change: 2018-11-03

Graphical Programming with FunctionBlock concept is a concept for graphical programming of applications especially able to use for Embedded Software - in cohesion with C(++).

There are several well known tools which support the graphical programming or model oriented programming using a function block concept. An important tool is Mathworks-Simulink.

  • GraphProgrIntroduction.mp4 : This video - in german - is a short introduction to the proplematic.
  • GraphProgr_1.html : Text with some videos - in german - with details. The mission: Use Graphical Programming (with Simulink) in cohesion with hardcore programming in C (++)