ZBNF / JZtxtcmd / XML

- ZBNF parser

- JZtxtcmd generator

Docu Generation


embedded multiplatform C



- -Dependencies

- -QuellcodeGenerierung

Inspector & Reflection

- Test on Runtime

- The inspector tool

- Reflection in C

- Inspector Communication

Graphical Programming

Model based - Simulink

- Simulink und C - objektorientiert


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last change: 2018-01-07

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ZBNF is the Semantic Backus Naur Format parser, a parser running in Java with script syntax file. The result of the parsing process is stored either in an internal format, retrieveable with an iteration through that container, or it can be stored in prepared Java class instances of a user's application. Especially XML can be written immediately.

The JZtxtcmd is a generater for texts with the capability of execution java methods or command line commands from the operation system. It is both - a text generator and a command script interpreter. For text generation data from Java instances can be used especially.

The combination of ZBNF parser and JZtxtcmd generater can convert texts from one in another presentation, for example C-language header files in html text or in matlab.m-files for bus generation.