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Package org.vishia.gral

The package gral is a GRaphic Adaption Layer.

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Package org.vishia.gral Description

The package gral is a GRaphic Adaption Layer. Why it is necessary: The gral supports some independent concepts to fit that requests: Important classes: Widgets: Overview:
The user creates the instances for the window and the Gral manager using a factory class for the choiced graphic base. Then the appearance of GUI can be created using the GralMngBuild_ifc.
After them the user can work with its GUI.

Example ussage of a org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Table from the GUI application 'JavaCommander':
The ObjectModelDiagram shows the application 'JavaCommander'. That application uses some tables to select files, commandes and selection objects. The classes FcmdLeftMidRightPanel.FcmdFavorCard, GralCommandSelector and GralFileSelector are the 3 representations of selection lists from side of application. They have its implementation of a GralSelectList, which is a base class which supports navigaton in a list. The The adaption to a basic system is present yet only for SWT. Adaption to Swing is planned.
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