1. Article structure

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Overview Java Text XML conversion

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emC overview

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Dr. Hartmut Schorrig, www.vishia.org

2. Approach

The Reflection principle is known from Java, C# and some other programming languages. It offers the possibility to access data and calling operations from outside a compiled software with its symbolic names on the one hand, and working with symbolic and type informations inside the software on the other hand.

This reflection principle is established with emC als in {xp}

The reflection information are const data which are compiled into the application. This part of sources can be written manually, of course, but it is better to generate them. This article describes how to generate.

Another approach is the InspcTargetProxy_appl.html. This application needs the reflection in binary form, which is also generated with this approach.

3. Principle

The headers are parsed. For general parsing see ZbnfParser